The USS Turner Joy Museum is operated with a small staff and a lot of volunteers.  Museum volunteers are key to making the USS Turner Joy one of the top US Naval Ship Museums in the nation.  Our volunteers come from a diverse background of life experiences and skills.  Neither military or Navy ship experience is a requirement.  We rely on volunteers in every area of our operation.  Volunteers are involved in marketing, advertising, participating in community events, maintaining the ship, preparing exhibits, conducting tours and working in the gift shop. We have an extensive tour guide training program for anyone that would like to become a tour guide.  Volunteers are critical to our ability to provide a superior US Naval Destroyer Ship Museum experience for future generations.

Please review our Opportunities for Volunteers list for details regarding the volunteer positions we are currently looking to fill.  Our Volunteers Code of Conduct provides a framework for our Volunteers to follow and shows how we operate on a day to day basis.

If you have any experience in any of the areas listed and could volunteer your time to our team, please complete and return the Volunteer Application.


We are looking for Volunteers with experience and knowledge in the following areas:
  • Docent/Tour Guide – Conduct tours through the ship & assist self guided visitors
  • Overnight Docent/Instructor – Spend overnight with groups of children (requires FBI background check)
  • Navy Ship Maintenance – Repair/Restoration of ship
  • Exhibit Development/Maintenance – Work with Curator on Exhibits
  • Marketing/Advertising – Develop and distribute marketing & advertising material
  • Fund Raising – Develop, plan and carry out fund raising programs
  • Recruiting – Help with recruiting prospective volunteers
  • Teaching/Training – Help in conducting education programs
  • Retail Sales – Assist in the Gift Shop at special events and peak business times
  • Community Event Planning – Plan and organize participation in local events
  •  Newsletters – Help with the creation and publication of newsletters

Code of Conduct

This Code Of Conduct is a general guide for Volunteers while on the ship and participating in Museum activities. In addition, you should be guided by common sense and by instructions from the Director and staff personnel.

  1. Volunteer Docents and Tour Guides shall appear clean, neat and attired in a Turner Joy shirt or jacket with a Turner Joy hat with either khaki, dark blue or black trousers.
  2. Maintenance volunteers shall be dressed appropriately for the activity and as clean and neat as possible.
  3. Volunteers shall immediately check in with gift store personnel on arriving and departing.
  4. Tour Guide Volunteers shall notify gift store personnel if unable to report for a scheduled tour as soon as possible.
  5. When called for a tour Volunteers shall arrive at least 15 minutes before the tour begins.
  6. Volunteers shall log-in and log-out in the log book located in the Volunteers room on the ship to record their volunteer time.
  7. Tour Guide Volunteers shall complete the qualifications for becoming a certified Tour Guide prior to conducting solo tours.
  8.  Tour Guide Volunteers are expected to maintain and expand their knowledge of all spaces and equipment on the ship.
  9. Tour Guide Volunteers shall answer questions with correct information or find out the correct information.
  10. Volunteers are expected to follow all safety guidelines, policies and procedures.
  11. Smoking or any tobacco use is prohibited on board the USS Turner Joy
  12. Deliberate or negligent waste, damage or theft of museum, personnel or guest property is prohibited.
  13. Profanity or inappropriate jokes, and harassment is prohibited.
  14. Using or possessing alcohol or illegal drugs is prohibited.
  15. Volunteers should avoid being alone with a child.
  16. Volunteers shall treat all guest, children and adults, with respect and consideration equally regardless of sex. religion or culture.
  17. Under no circumstance shall a volunteer release a child to anyone other than an authorized parent or guardian.
  18. Volunteers are required to report all violations of the Code Of Conduct to the Volunteer Office or Director.
  19. Any violation of this Code Of Conduct may result in disciplinary action including, but not limited to, dismissal.

If you like you can download a copy of the Code Of Conduct. If you have problems downloading it, use another browser such as Chrome or Internet Explorer.

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